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LPC Paint Spraying : The Story So Far

I’ve been decorating using traditional methods for almost 20 years, and my aim has always been to try and produce the best quality finish. No matter how many different types of brush and roller I’ve tried, it has proven impossible to not leave brush marks or what decorators call the orange peel effect left by roller.
After purchasing an airless sprayer to paint a swimming pool two years ago I have not looked back. The finish was simply flawless, unattainable by any other methods. We also got the job completed much quicker which the client was very pleased about. Since then we’ve sprayed the majority of our domestic work, cutting the costs of labour and materials and leaving superior finishes on the walls and woodwork, you really have to see it to believe it.
Please watch the videos we’ve created for you. Hopefully this will help you appreciate the benefits of paint spraying. This is the future of painting and decorating.

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